Villas Srebreno

Villas Srebreno - Lovorka, Supetar and Srebrenka 

Plan a superior vacation in the spacious and luxurious apartments at one of the three refurbished villas near Dubrovnik: Villa Srebrenka, Villa Lovorka and Villa Supetar.

Dear guests, please note that the photos are representative of each type of room, and there is no guarantee that your room will be the same as the photo.

Vila Srebrenka

Vila Srebrenka offers three 4* apartments, sized from 55 to 70 square meters, all overlooking the Adriatic sea.

Vila Lovorka
Vila Lovorka offers six one or two bedroom 4*apartments, sized from 50 to 80 square meters, overlooking the Adriatic sea or the lush Mediterranean park.

Vila Supetar
Vila Supetar offers four one or two bedroom 4*apartments, sized from 42 to 60 square meters, all featuring balcony with the sea view.
Have a memorable vacation in exclusive 4* apartments with a breath-taking sea or park view, and a lavish interior.