There is a number of reasons why Mlini near Dubrovnik is the favourite destination of many domestic and foreign tourists. This small idyllic place on the seaside will charm you with its rich tradition, historical and cultural heritage dating back to ancient times, its pebble beaches, plentiful sunshine and rich vegetation which has remained preserved and nourished throughout history.

About Mlini

Mlini is located at the Dubrovnik Riviera (formerly known as Brenum) and it is one of the best developed tourist locations in the entire Dubrovnik region. Since it is only 11 kilometres away from Dubrovnik, Mlini is not only a preserved agricultural and fisherman's village but also a location of the rich classical culture which took place within the walls of the city of Dubrovnik. It has always been closely associated with Dubrovnik, with which it shares the same rich cultural heritage and tradition. That is exactly why the Illyrians, Greeks and Romans built numerous settlements on this territory.

History and legends of Mlini
The village of Mlini took its name from the mills that were once powered by the small river of Zavrelja, which still flows through the village and provides a number of drinking water springs. Thanks to this abundance of drinking water, this mill village used to supply Dubrovnik with drinking water during summer droughts. The place is rich in old monuments and legends. The most famous legend is connected to Saint Hilarion, who conquered and burnt a dragon on Mlini's beach thus saving the Epidaurum from earthquakes, evil and barbarian assaults and devastations. In his honour, the inhabitants of Mlini erected the little Church of St. Ilar, who became the patron of the village.

Thanks to the humid and warm climate, many luscious parks and gardens of Mediterranean herbs and plants sprang up in the area, turning the village into a unique Adriatic ecosystem. Mlini is known as the oasis of the Dubrovnik Riviera for its rich gastronomy, wide selection of cultural and sports activities and the clear sea. The accommodation and amenities of the hotels in Mlini will satisfy each and every guest.

Its proximity to the Dubrovnik airport and the old Dubrovnik city centre as well as its distance from the noise and everyday crowds guarantee an ideal summer vacation.

About Srebreno

Srebreno is located only six kilometres away from the ""Pearl of the Adriatic"", the historical city of Dubrovnik. Srebreno is located in the peaceful cove of the Dubrovnik Riviera bay, surrounded with rich Mediterranean plants, and it is famous for its pebble and sandy beaches and warm sea, which is still and shallow along the coast and suitable for families with children.

Srebreno and Mlini are connected with a pictoresque promenade by the sea, so, if you take a walk, of about 1 kilometre, you can head towards Mlini and have coffee in one of the cafés in the hotel complex Astarea or Mlini.