Are you looking for a meeting room in Dubrovnik? Find the perfect venue for your conference, seminar, presentation, business meeting or any other event that requires a high level of organization and service at Hotel Astarea.

The state-of-the-art highly flexible multifunctional meeting rooms are suitable for all types of gatherings with a large or small number of participants.

Should you need a venue for a large number of participants, an auditorium is your ideal choice. Beterina Meeting Room can accommodate up to 242 delegates, while Bobara Meeting Room can accommodate up to 300 delegates, and the seating arrangement is adjusted to your needs.

Beterina and Bobara Meeting Rooms are both available for lectures, seminars, and professional gatherings, offering to accommodate 130 and 300 guests respectively. Apart from meetings requiring a classical classroom setup, the meeting rooms are also suitable for small roundtable meetings.

The smaller meeting rooms, Vrelo and Tupina, are suitable for business presentations and meetings with a small number of participants.

As regards the technical equipment, the meeting rooms include:

  • Info desk
  • Bar in front of the meeting room
  • Projector
  • Projection screen
  • Flipchart
  • Laser markers
  • Possibility of dimming down to 90%
  • High-quality speaker system
  • DVD/CD player
  • LCD TV