Dubrovnik Riviera Hotels offer exceptional venues for all types of business and other events, be they big high-level international conferences, board meetings or private celebrations, weddings or lavish banquets. Our experienced and professional staff are at your service for any inquiries and reservations. Hotel Astarea has four multifunctional meeting rooms. Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel has the largest hotel meeting room in Croatia with seating for up to 1,000 guests.

The event venues of Hotel Astarea

The modern, well-equipped and air-conditioned meeting rooms of the Hotel Astarea are the ideal place for organizing various seminars, conferences and business and private events. You can choose from four meeting rooms in the hotel, depending on your needs and wishes.

The Beterina and Bobara Meeting rooms are suitable for larger events of any type while the smaller rooms, Vrelo and Tupina, are the perfect venues for a more intimate atmosphere.

Beterina Meeting Room accommodates up to 242 while Bobara Meeting Room accommodates up to 300 guests, and the seating arrangement can be adjusted to suit your needs. Should you need a venue for a large number of participants, the best choice would be the auditorium setup of Beterina Meeting Room with its 242 seats or 300 seats of the Bobara Meeting Room.

The 130 seats and desks of the Beterina Meeting Room or 300 seats and tables of the Bobara Meeting Room arranged in the classic classroom setup would be the best choice for any lectures, seminars and professional gatherings. The meeting rooms are also suitable for smaller, important roundtable meetings.

The smaller rooms, Vrelo and Tupina, are suitable for business presentations and meetings with a small number of participants.

Meeting room set-ups

More information on the capacity and possible meeting room setups can be found in the attached table.

MEETING ROOMS Size Auditorium U-shape Classroom Banquet
Beterina 230 m² 150 60 100 80
Bobara 490 m² 200 120 150 100
Vrelo 90 m² 40 20 30 10
Tupi 110 m² 50 25 40 15

The professional staff at Hotel Astarea will take care of the organization and all other important details according to your wishes and needs. Should you have any questions, or would like to make a reservation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact and additional information:
Phone: ++385 20 484 066, ++385 20 484 090
Fax: ++385 20 486 362
e-mail: sales@dubrovnik-riviera-hotels.hr

Successful events

  • IGH meetings, April 2016
  • International Conference of Social Sciences, April 2016
  • Bridge Overseas Tournaments, May 2016
  • Normaln Allen Group Incentive, September 2016